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Ecoart in Action: Activities, Case Studies, and Provocations for Classrooms and Communities

Edited by Amara Geffen, Ann Rosenthal, Chris Fremantle, and Aviva Rahmani

Published by New Village Press, Available February 2021

Ready-to-go, vetted approaches for facilitating artistic environmental projects

How do we educate those who feel an urgency to address our environmental and social challenges? What ethical concerns do art-makers face who are committed to a deep green agenda? How can we refocus education to emphasize integrative thinking and inspire hope? What role might art play in actualizing environmental resilience?

Compiled from 67 members of the Ecoart Network, a group of more than 200 internationally established practitioners, Ecoart in Action stands as a field guide that offers practical solutions to critical environmental challenges. Organized into three sections―Activities, Case Studies, and Provocations―each contribution provides models for ecoart practice that are adaptable for use within a variety of classrooms, communities, and contexts. Learn more about the authors here.

Educators developing project and place-based learning curricula, citizens, policymakers, scientists, land managers, and those who work with communities (human and other) will find inspiration for integrating art, science, and community-engaged practices into on-the-ground environmental projects. If you share a concern for the environmental crisis and believe art can provide new options, this book is for you!

Please purchase your U.S. copy here, or Internationally here.

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Scientists and Artists United for Net Zero

SANZ is comprised of climate change scientists, ecoartist-researchers and practitioners who share a vision for an existential and pragmatic race to net-zero. This initiative is spearheaded by member Aviva Rahmani and includes several Ecoart Network Members. For additional information, see the SANZ website here.