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Member Projects

The member projects highlighted in this section are collaborations among individual members and/or between collaborative teams and others in our community. Such projects are an outgrowth of the exchanges within the Ecoart Network dialogue. Please contact us here if you are interested in joining us. 


To see the work of Network members, which may include projects in their home communities or elsewhere, please go to the Directory where you can search not only for a member's name but subject area and media.  

SANZwith globe copy 2.jpg
Scientists and Artists United for Net Zero

SANZ is comprised of climate change scientists, ecoartist-researchers and practitioners who share a vision for an existential and pragmatic race to net-zero. This initiative is spearheaded by member Aviva Rahmani and includes several Ecoart Network Members. For additional information, see the SANZ website here.

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