A Brief History of the Ecoart Network Listserve

The ecoart listserve was begun in 1998 by Lynne Hull, Don Krug, Baile Oaks, Aviva Rahmani, and Susan Steinman, and has grown into an international group dedicated to the practice(s) of ecological art that facilitate public awareness of nurturing a healthy balance with the living systems of Earth and its inhabitants. Currently we have 115 members from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, South America, the United States, and the Middle East.

Our list is designed to provide a forum for discussion concerning the practice, ideas, and information exchange pertinent to the mainstreaming of ecological art, and to share opportunities for exhibitions, conferences, and publications. One of the goals of the list is to spur dialogue on the list as a whole and between individual members.

Ongoing projects include this web site, a collection of essays by list members, and representation of member projects and publications at the College Art Association’s and the GreenMuseum.org.

The listserve is facilitated by list members on a rotating basis. The current communications director, Don Krug, can be contacted at: don.krug@ubc.ca.

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