Maps of Environmental Art

In any event here are some sites I am aware of and links to a few maps we have developed. If folks have similar mapping projects to share please do so. I am happy to help keep track of the info and share it in a summary document for anyone who is interested.

1) google earth UN Environmental Art – – if you can navigate it there are some great projects to learn about. Interface seems somewhat inconsistent though. You have to download a Google Earth Plugin to view this, but it’s worth it I think.

2) this was developed by three faculty at Cleveland State in Ohio. Mark Tebeau and his colleagues created a Mobil Ap (Mobile Historical) that is very cool. The program is being expanded to various cities around the US. Some of my Allegheny colleagues are exploring transforming all of our google maps via this program. We have several such maps/stories of projects already; one that highlights local assets in proximity to public schools in our county; one that highlights all of the stormwater innovations in NW PA – this one is in booklet and pdf form so if you are interested email me privately; one that highlights a neighborhood being targeted for an Elm Street Grant (that’s a state grant to improve housing and streetscapes in transitional neighborhoods)…and Meadville’s Urban Art Trail map, which includes many of the projects I have mentioned in the past. 

3) Macademia map (for helping faculty from the Great Lakes Association of Colleges network/connect) is very cool. It’s not a google map but I love how dynamic the site is. URL is:

4) Not quite a google map either, but another project I love is Jane’s Walk USA. This is a wonderful national program that features placemaking projects in local communities across the US. The walks are done in honor of Jane Jacobs. Here’s a URL for the project in Boston at Danehy Park. 

5) Here is a link for the Urban Art Trail (built as a google map) that my students are developing for the city of Meadville. It is still a work in progress so not perfect yet.but it gives you an idea. (

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