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Eve Andree Laramee, Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janiero

Two videos that advocate for a nuclear-free future by Eve Andree Laramee will be presented in the Uranium Film Festival at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janiero. Laramee’s videos will be presented in the experimental animation category: Burial at Los Alamos, exploring the ecologial and environmental legacy of research and development of nuclear weapons in Northern New Mexico; and Uranium Decay, in response to the ongoing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear reactor triple meltdown. The festival opens on June 28 with Peter Greenaways film, Atomic Bombs on the Planet Earth, and runs through July 14, 2012. The films will then travel to Germany and to India.


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Context for an ecoart Unconference

As I reflect on the underlying why of all of this:

Plenty has been said about the big changes going on globally: climate change, mass species extinction, peak oil, peak topsoil, peak water, etc. and the apparent incapacity of our current decision-making bodies to deal with any of this. Our civilization is clearly ripe for a large shift in paradigm.

One of the things that people often seem to forget when it comes to sustainability, is that unsustainable means that it can’t continue. Human populations that can’t figure out how to live within the carrying capacity of their environment will inevitably decline until they can.

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COP 16: Views & Visiones by Conceição Praun

COP 16: Views & Visiones by Conceição Praun.

This new publication comes at a time when organizations are
negotiating the future of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban and provides an encompassing state-of-the-art picture of the last COP 16 in Cancun. In this book, Conceição highlighted the different points of view of the public and participants with an introductory section covering the Inauguration and High Level Segment Speeches, a secondsection with interviews with over 30 delegates and
attendants, and a third with a gallery of pictures of the international

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Sacha Kagan’s New Book

Art and Sustainability
Connecting Patterns for a Culture of Complexity

July 2011, 514 S., kart., zahl. Abb., 39,80 €
ISBN 978-3-8376-1803-7
Reihe Image

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Roy Staab’s Art in Nature

“I want to project the ephemeral of life in my artwork and I prefer the forces of nature to enhance and dismantle them as well. I like the work when it is very perfect and interacts in nature in color and reflection. I document my pieces with photographs, but art is an idea and nothing in life can be held onto.”

Roy Staab is a leading practitioner in the field known as environmental art. He strives to integrate his work seamlessly into its natural setting, enhancing and harmonizing with nature. Amy Lipton, Curator of ecoartspace, is asking for your help to present a site-specific sculpture by Roy Staab on the grounds of the Garrison Institute, a retreat and meditation center overlooking the Hudson River. Lipton has worked with Staab at several locations in the past including museums, galleries, sculpture parks, and festivals.  ecoartspace is a bi-coastal non-profit organization that creates opportunities for addressing environmental issues through the arts.

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