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Restoration Ecology by Richard J. Hobbs

Restoration Ecology

Restoration ecology is the science underpinning the practice of repairing damaged ecosystems. Restoration ecology has developed rapidly over the latter part of the twentieth century, drawing its concepts and approaches from an array of sources, including ecology,
conservation biology, and environmental engineering. Continue reading

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Reclamation, Remediation, Restoration

Can anyone distinguish, define, or refer me to a website that does, between these terms, referring to work on the land? Reclamation Remediation Restoration Robt Smithson, and now Nancy Holt and other earthworks/land artists, are increasingly being given credibility for … finish reading Reclamation, Remediation, Restoration

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Sharing Reading

Grant Kester's short paper 'The Pedagogical (re)turn" Kester The Pedagogical Re-turn

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    Articulating our purpose for the proposed conference/ unconference at the School of Visual Arts October 2012   I am very glad Mary Jo has posted on the website. Thank you for kicking things off.   In articulating our … finish reading Conference

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Interpreting Ecoart

by Chris Fremantle I think it would be really good to use the public facing web site to push the scope of the discussion about ecoart. My proposal is that we ask the question “What is ecoart?” or “How has … finish reading Interpreting Ecoart

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